Projects are a great way to group and organize tasks.

Top level vs Subprojects

In Condution, there are top level and subprojects. Top level projcets will appear in the sidebar under the Projects heading, and subprojects live within other projects.

Creating Projects

Create a top level project by clicking the + icon next to the Projects heading on the left sidebar.

Create a subproject by navigating within a project and clicking add a project at the bottom of the item list.

Sequential or Parallel?

Parallel projects simply act like folders to group items, while sequential projects are useful for task lists that must be completed in order.

Items in both parallel and sequential projects can be completed in any order. However, only the first item in a sequential project will show up in Upcoming and on the Calendar. Perspectives can also filter for all tasks or only the first “Available” task in a sequential project.

Projects are parallel by default, but can be switched to sequential mode with the double ended arrow icon in the top left.

Completing Projects

Projects can be completed with the Complete button in the top right. Like tasks, completed projects can be found in the Completed page on the sidebar.

Deleting Projects

Projects can also be deleted by pressing and holding the delete button in the top left.